about ME 

My name is Kate Davies, and I live in Calgary, Alberta. Originally from Vancouver Island, my husband and I came to Alberta, like many others, for the employment and financial opportunities this beautiful prairie Province has to offer.

Working in Administration for ten years, my heart started seeking more. I always had the desire to start my own venture, be creative and feel the satisfaction knowing I made something on my own. 

My goal is to keep free BEAUTY fun, local and made by me. 

Over the years I grew tired of spending hundreds on bath bombs and products that were overpriced, chemical filled, and in environmentally harmful. I started creating my own products at home. When I fell in love I wanted to offer them to you.

My branding reflects my love for nature and plants. Come to my home and you will see how it matches my personal decor style. 


All free BEAUTY recipes and products are created and hand crafted, in home, by myself.

My recipes contain only the finest, most natural ingredients and essential oils to bring the greatest benefit to your skin.

All ingredients are purchased from local soap suppliers in Calgary. Bombs are made using brand new, sanitized materials and utensils, and are packaged in individual baggies, and then hand gift wrapped.

The majority of my products will last between three to six months. Certain items may contain an all natural preservative to lengthen shelf life.